Domaine Yamaska Rules - The cottage has to be left in the same conditions upon leaving as it was upon arrival. (Clean) - Smoking is prohibited inside the cottage and all cigarettes butts outside must be picked up. - All garbage must be disposed in the garbage containers located at the exit of the Domain. - The cutting of trees is prohibited on the Domain and can occur a fine from the municipality of Bromont. - In respect of neighbours, curfew is at 10 pm. - Fireworks are prohibited. - Dog accepted, extra charges will be applied. - Outside fireplaces must be cleaned before departure. - Yard must be free of garbage. - No parking is allowed on grass. - Speed limit on the Domain is 10 km/h maximum. - No food or brevages must be left inside the refrigerator and cupboards at departure. - All broken or lost item must be declared at checkout. - The cottage will be inspected in your presence at departure. Additional fees may be charged to your credit card for the non-respect of rules or damage to property. Thank you for your understanding, Monique and Stéphane. (514) 248-6655